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My top five favourite things to do in NYC


This is my first blog, ever… and I am very excited that you have joined me on this journey and I hope to inspire you to travel more and create beautiful memories for yourself, your family and your friends.  I will also be giving you useful travel tips on all the destinations I blog about.

This being my first blog, I have decided to dedicate it to one on my favorite travel destinations – New York City (NYC).  I have been there twice and  I would go back over and over and over again.  There is just something in the NYC air that makes me feel ALIVE!!!  That is why I love travelling so much, its that unexplainable and overwhelmingly beautiful feeling you get when you reach a wonderful destination and the memories of those special moments stay with you forever.    But this blog is not about my love affair with travel, I wanted to share some of my favourite things to do in NYC.

It was so hard to pick only five because there is so much to do in NYC and you can never cover everything in just one trip. But cut me some slack, its my first blog ok?  I will do a follow up blog to give you tips on the best tours to book to make the most of your trip.   I’m no expert, but I know a thing or two.. hahaha!!

1.   Shopping at Woodbury Commons

We all know that NY is one of the world’s fashion capitals so it goes without saying that the shopping experience there is insane.   If you are cray cray about shopping like me, then you will love NY.  The city itself has many places to shop from fifth avenue to outlet malls, there are plenty  of options.

Now the accountant in me is also a sucker for a good bargain so my top shopping spot when I travel to NY is Woodbury Commons.  Its an outlet mall with about 250 stores…yes you read it right, that was not a typo.  From Gucci to Louis, to Nine West and Aldo, this place has it all.   The place is massive, so some handy tips from #travellikenaks:

  • Plan an entire day for this shopping escapade, it is about an hour’s drive from Manhattan;
  • Budget because you can go overboard if you don’t control yourself, you will also need to budget for travel to get to the outlet mall;
  • Strategise You can’t visit all the stores so pick your top ones and only visit those. You can get a map or a directory of all the stores on the Woodbury Commons website before your trip so that you can plan (its about efficiency people, shopping is serious business);
  • Divide and conquer If you are travelling with your partner or some friends and/ or family,  split up and agree to meet up at a common area at an specific time.  This way you make sure you don’t waist time because the lines in some of the stores can be long.  The place has free wifi  – so communication sorted!!!

time square

2.   Time Square

You cannot go the NY and not visit Times Square.  The best thing about visiting Times Square is that its free (just kidding, that was the accountant coming out again).   You have probably seen it many times on TV, but to be there and just experience it is amazing.  The massive billboards, the lights, the people.  You could literally just sit and hangout there for a while just to take it all in.   You could also grab a bite to eat or even shop.  This is also the place to go if you want to book sight seeing tours.  I typically plan my tours in advance but if you want to book when you get to NY you can also do that.

3.   Broadway

I went to see the Lion King on Broadway the first time I was in New York and I loved every moment.   The tickets sell out quite fast and I hadn’t booked in advance so I took a chance and went to see if I could get a ticket. Fortunately there was one seat available and I was travelling alone at the time so luck was on my side.   The ticket was quite pricey but this was on my bucket list so I closed my eyes and swiped my card.  The show was beautifully orchestrated and during the show, I felt like everyone around me disappeared and it was just me and the cast.  It was unforgettable and if you ever get a change to go to NY, please fit a Broadway show in, you will not regret it.

There are many other shows that you can book on Broadway at varied price ranges.  You can book your tickets online when you book your trip to avoid disappointment.

4.   Boat cruise to see the New York skyline and Statue of Liberty

The New York skyline is breathtaking.    Its unfortunate that both times that I’ve been there, it was a bit cloudy so my pictures don’t look so great.   It looked amazing nonetheless.   You could book an afternoon tour or an evening tour depending on your preference.    My advice is to make sure that you enjoy the view and take it all in.   Most tours will also go past the Statue of Liberty as well so you can tick two things off your bucket list in one go.

new york skyline

5.   Central Park

The first time I went to Central Park, I didn’t expect that it was as big as it is.   Its really  a time to unwind and enjoy the scenery.   You can chose to walk, rent a bike or take a horse and carriage ride from the one side of the park to the other.   My hubby and I rented bikes and I hadn’t ridden a bike since Grade 2, so lets just say the first five minutes of the ride was a bit ummm… wobbly.  Hahahaha.  I eventually got the hang of it and I was able to enjoy the ride around the park trail.  You can stop along the way to see different parts of the park or to grab some refreshments.   Don’t race through the park as if you’re trying to win the tour de france, pace yourself and enjoy the moment.

Central park.JPG

5.   Food

I couldn’t decide what I enjoyed more, Central Park or the burger and shake from Bills Bar & Burger, or the pizza from Joe’s pizza, or maybe the bagel from the food truck, or was it that cheesecake from Carlo’s bakery?  I just couldn’t  decide,  so I have two number 5’s in my top five.  My blog, my rules hahaha.   I could actually do a blog just on food in New York.   After pigging out, I would convince myself that all the walking I did around the city has burnt all those calories I consumed but the scale said something else when I got back home from the trip. Food and travel are a beautiful combination so do a bit of research about some of the best places to eat in New York, I’ve just mentioned a few of my favourite spots.

New york burgerCarlos bakery.JPG

world trade centre


NY is worth all the hype it is given, and I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite things to in the city.  Please feel free to comment or email me any questions and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss any new blog posts.

Till next time.


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  1. Oh my goodness yess! I’ve been saving a New York for my 30th birthday and honestly I’m so anxious and I want to turn 30 already! Your post just made me want to go now ❤️ definitely hitting this down when I go for my birthday!


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