Bikini Struggles

The art of strategically hiding the bikini with a cover up

Hello travelers

I know that I usually blog about my travels but this time I needed to just vent a little bit.

Because I’m headed to the beach soon (of course I’ll tell you all about it), I needed a couple of new swimsuits. Where are the old ones you ask? Good question. Read on.

Ive always been a curvy girl and my weight has gone up and down over the years. I’m also a mom of two and my body has changed after the birth of each of my kids.

After the birth of my second daughter, I became much curvier. Let’s not even talk about what happened to my breasts after breastfeeding two kids. I won’t mention my tummy, it is what it is.

Believe me I’m not complaining, I’m just being real. I’m blessed with healthy kids and a beautiful curvy body and I embrace it.

Why do women have to work on changing their bodies to fit into swimsuits and not the other way around?

Swimsuits should be made to fit and complement a woman’s body.

Being a curvy African woman, I’ve got hips for days, a small waist and I’ve also been blessed with a generous behind. My breast’s are not the same size and remember we discussed what breastfeeding did to them right?

What is my dilemma you ask?

Full piece swimsuits – If they fit me on the bottom, they are too big on top and the other way around.

Bikinis – now there are many variations of these. I usually have to go for two different sizes for the top and the bottom. I also need to make sure I avoid those bikini bottoms that create muffin tops.

Whose making all these bikinis that just perpetuate body shaming? This needs to stop!!!

I am aware that there are specialized stores that customise swimwear to fit women of all shapes and sizes and God bless them. These are unfortunately not accessible to many.

Good fitting bikinis should be the norm not the exception.

Swimsuit shopping is stressful. After all that stress I’m not sure if I should be hitting the gym or grabbing a slab of chocolate (lol!).

Let me hope I can find something that at least makes me look half decent.

Till next time…


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